Scholarship Opportunities

SC Society of Adlerian Psychology offers scholarships to various Adlerian trainings.  These trainings may include the Adlerian Summer Institutes conference (ICASSI), the NASAP conference, various  regional Adlerian Conferences, and even our own September Conference.  There is a specific scholarship in memory of our friend Arlis Epps for folks interested in Adlerian trainings about family and parenting work.  Use the Contact Us link to let us know of your interest and what we might be able to offer.  Strongest consideration is given to applicants who have supported the work of SCSAP and who envision the continued application of Adlerian ideas in their professional work.

Bimonthly meetings

Bimonthly meetings of the Executive Committee are announced in the SCSAP Newsletter and are held via Zoom.

Annual three-day conference

Each Fall, the Society organizes a conference on Adlerian Psychology.  Workshops and short presentations emphasize theory and techniques of Adlerian Psychology as they pertain to counseling and therapy, education, marriage and family life (including parenting), and challenges in the workplace. Lay persons as well as professionals are welcome. Scholarships are available to members who want to attend local, national and international Adlerian training events, conferences, and seminars.


A bimonthly newsletter helps keep members abreast of current Adlerian activities and items of interest.

Now available online – check our newsletter for calendar updates!